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Recent Work

Linux Tools

A variety of tools and scripts I wrote for Linux.

Airport Flight Alerts

Reverse engineering airport websites to create a Telegram alert for a plane spotter friend


VoiceLight is a Speech controlled LED light. It's a project I made in collaboration with a friend. It was featured on the 2016 national competition of Schweizer Jugend Forscht.

Digitec PriceBot

Observe the price history from certain products on

PCM1754 Breakout Board

Breakout board for high definition digital audio.


A little box used to collect basic information about open Wi-Fi hotspots. Based on the esp8266 thing by Sparkfun.


Digital Visual Art

Penpals on Tumblr

I played a little bit with the Tumblr API to better sort posts according to keywords instead of tags.

Webapp Projects

HTML5 - Drum Pad

Play drum beats on a virtual drum rack.